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LCL Consolidation

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LCL Consolidation

When we send an ocean freight LCL shipment, the merchandise needs to be carefully prepared. It is crucial to keep in mind the differences when you prepare an LCL shipment from a FCL shipment. More specifically, since LCL shipments require container sharing, you should take extra caution.

The most frequent cause for damages to LCL cargo is insufficient packaging. That said, proper packaging and finding the right material is almost a science in itself. At LYNX all LCL services like Boxes and Packaging, Labeling, Numeration, Labeling of fragile goods, Palletizing, Uniform packaging is done with a crew of efficient staffs. This is not a risk you should take. The difference between using the best possible and most adequate material and some that may be a little too big or small is huge.

Being a frequent exporter/importer in handling LCL, we offer an unmatched service with global network coverage and direct consolidations from/to various destinations. LYNX has made huge investments to support a simple product like this so that we can add value to our customers by giving them quality services at competitive prices.